TEG English Rebrand

A stylistic overhaul of the Bristol-based English school's web and marketing presence.


TEG English

Project Type

UI Redesign


Mar. 2017


After being engaged as Marketing and Sales lead for Tompkins Education Group (TEG) in 2017, I opted to hit the ground running with a fully-inclusive programme of redefining TEG's marketing presence, using a 'content marketing' strategy built on optimised social media. The aim of my strategy was to help increase turnover of student numbers and keep current students better engaged with TEG on a consistent basis.

Over the course of several weeks, myself and my colleague Flavia performed an exhaustive research into the websites and social media styles of our competitors, noting our own strengths and weaknesses in comparison as a brand, before presenting our findings to the design team before collaborating on the final prototype.

Website - Before

Seen in these screenshots from the Internet Archive, the TEG website prior to redesign is lacking in aesthetic usability, overwhelming with multiple text options and a large amount of blank white text.

Looking at key pages such as the 'Work For Us' page and 'Course Information' page, we find similarly that the User Interface is bare of interactive elements, and the photos are poorly chosen, not illustrating the open and friendly image that TEG wishes to portray.

At the regional level we find a similarly bare interface, and the rebranded logo has not yet been added.

Website - After

Following the process of redesign, the homepage is now optimised for usability, with a reprioritised menu, call-to-action buttons and a dedicated 'contact bar'.

The 'Work For Us' and 'Course Information' pages follow this pattern - designing for users whose English is not fluent, with the most important elements highlighted and translatable. The pictures are now larger, brighter and more friendly, and the most useful information is properly highlighted.

Specific pages such as that of the Bristol and Portsmouth schools are now fully informative, providing more comprehensive CTA buttons and imagery which shows off the kind and lively atmosphere of the student community or the beauty of the school setting. Iconography is used to emphasise the benefits of each school.


I remain very proud of my work with TEG, my first serious venture into User Interface and User Experience design. Thanks to TEG's creative design team and the control I was given as Marketing lead in the creative process. I feel satisfied knowing that my tenure as a marketer and designer has contributed to their continuing success.

In the gallery below, I have chosen to include examples of the high-fidelity prototypes created to develop the website, and some social media marketing posts used to drive up student engagement.

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