Project Category
App Design
Project Release Date
September 2022
Project Role(s)
User Experience Research
User Interface Design
Interaction Design



This project was carried out while I worked as the principal UX/UI Designer for Morrow Digital, developing the visual front-end experience of an app or web service and continuously improving it based on user feedback. TicketSource approached Morrow looking to improve its' ticket-scanning app.

The app as presented by TicketSource, "TicketSource Express", was many years out-of-date in its' UI while remaining reliably functional. The challenges as identified by TicketSource were as follows:

  • Improve the UI and bring it up to speed with competitor standards as well as adhering to TicketSource's newer brand guidelines
  • Incorporate newer technology such as external bluetooth scanners
  • Connect the app seamlessly to TicketSource's larger database of events and customers
  • Make the experience for everyday users - front-of-house staff at ticketing events - more intuitive and timesaving
Screenshots of the old TicketSource Express app.


Having presented my initial research (Red Routes, Competitor Analysis) to the dev team at Morrow, I set about creating a detailed user survey, which our contacts at TicketSource sent out to a select set of their oldest and most loyal customers. Over 50% of respondents had been using TicketSource for at least 5 years, and the majority of respondents used the old app at every event they manage, providing a perfect source of qualitative data.

I presented my findings to TicketSource in the form of a brand-friendly slide deck, demonstrating how the objectives for creating the app had been proven or refined, and laying out a roadmap for the design process.

A slide from my User Experience research findings, as presented to the TicketSource team


In the early stages, I created wireframes to map out its functions and 'design sense'; then, having exchanged feedback and proposed changes with the Morrow developer team and TicketSource's primary stakeholders, I helped to define and redefine the visual language of the app (typography, colour, interactions).

Following feedback from my coworkers at Morrow and weekly check-ins with the stakeholders at Ticketsource, I outlined and created user flows for additional features such as:

  • A "swipe-in, swipe-out" functionality for the guest list
  • Conditional values for the guest list, allowing users to see which guests are attending multiple events in the same frame of time
  • A comprehensive search engine inclusive of guest names, references, events and dates
  • A floating action button present whenever the app is 'active', leading back to the QR scanner
  • Notification systems during scanning to show the user when a ticket is scanned, has already been scanned or has the wrong details
Prototype screens built in Figma


The app was a resounding success, delivering a highly effective scanning service and greatly exceeding user expectation. In endorsing Morrow, TicketSource's representative said:

Morrow's project management was first class with the development roadmap very clearly laid out and updated every step of the way.

Many of the features and design decisions I incorporated into the app were featured as highlights in TicketSource's promotional video, used in both the Apple and Android app stores.


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