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Between 2021-2022 I worked as the principal UX/UI Designer for Morrow Digital, developing the visual front-end experience of an app or web service and continuously improving it based on user feedback.

In the early stages of an app development project, I created wireframes to map out its functions and 'design sense'; then, having exchanged feedback and proposed changes with the Morrow developer team and client, I helped to define and redefine the visual language of the app (typography, colour, interactions) during its' earliest stages.

De La Rue

Tasked with designing the UI for a "treasure hunt" augmented reality app to accompany a showcase of De La Rue's portfolio of printed currency, the brief was to create an app which would automatically recognise the markings on a banknote, play an instructional video, and track the user's progress.

While working on this project I demonstrated my aptitude for building an intuitive solution to the stated purpose of the app while sticking to the brief. In doing so, I made sure the app design adhered to the brand guidelines provided by DLR as well as fitting the high standards to which their user base has grown accustomed.


A newer client of Morrow's, in working with FoodReady I consulted on reverse-engineering the accessibility and usability of their in-progress app. In doing so I collaborated with Morrow's dev team to create a consistent style guide for the FR app as well as guidelines for viewports and breakpoints as the app scaled up through different devices.


Provided consultation on the scalability of their desktop/mobile user interface as well as tailoring the service for users' accessibility needs, making certain that the design remained consistent and strong across app, desktop and mobile interfaces.


The founder of HExSOS approached us with an ambitious desire, to create a community-driven health advice platform in which users would post their health problems and solicit advice through open polls. Utilising a unique technology, Live Topic Models - or "LiToMods" - the service hopes to help suffering people to no longer feel alone in their feelings. While I was initially commissioned to visually design the HExSOS service for a mobile app interface, it was scaled up into a desktop format. In this project, I was able to balance out multiple stakeholder's stipulations against a design that works intuitively and prioritises user needs.

Morrow Brand

When between client projects, I worked closely with the marketing team and top-level execs at Morrow to help establish a brand redesign. In this capacity I helped to pioneer good design sense balanced out with maximum ease-of-use across the board, applying their new guidelines in both their landing page and social media.

This also included creating eye-catching templates for social media posts and blog entries as well as performing a detailed competitor analysis to support a rejuvenated rebranding of Morrow's homepage, where my prior experience with Webflow came in handy.

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