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I joined the Cheltenham Green Party in 2019, feeling drawn to the active and vibrant community the local Greens presented.

Within a few weeks, my partner Tabi and I had become committed activists, participating in events and canvassing. In the same year, Tabi ran as the local candidate for MP.

Making use of my skills as a designer, I volunteered to create various graphic adverts to use on social media, promoting our local election work and attempting to build up membership.


The Green Party has already wisely invested in a style guide for their web and print promotions, and their branding is already consistent across multiple locations across the web. This style guide has also recently been updated for accessibility, with a bolder colour palette and more readable font families.

In order to approach a soft redesign of the Party's website and their branding, I also performed some competitor research.

I focused on those local branches of the Green Party which have enjoyed both electoral success and effective communication with their voter base, as well as organisations local to Cheltenham who also engage regularly with the community.

Direct Competitors:

• Green Party Bristol

• Green Party Sheffield

• Mid-Suffolk Green Party

Indirect Competitors:

• Clean Air Cheltenham (A local volunteer group focused on air quality and breathability)

My Competitor Analysis findings can be read in more detail here.

Additionally, as part of my research I also charted out the 'Red Routes' taken by the GPC's frequent users:


My work with the Cheltenham Greens has included:

  • Social Media
  • Print Media
  • Social Media Strategy and Campaigns
  • Website design
  • Door-to-door canvassing and campaigns

Most of my work has included the full journey, from idea generation, to design, to print, to delivery - during some of our campaigns, I helped put my own designs through the letterbox!

Part of our success has been due to my personal household owning a risograph printer - a complex but rewarding machine which automates the experience of screen-printing. This has allowed us to print out a large volume of biodegradable fliers at low cost, and in a relatively short span of time. At times we've been able to create over 250 neighbourhood fliers within a span of 5 minutes.


Apart from the redesigna nd revitalisation of the Cheltenham GP's website and social media feeds, I'm proud to say that my efforts as part of a highly effectiv eteam of activists and volunteers helped us to achieve our historic first win in the Borough Council elections of 2022, electing my partner Tabi Joy to council and inspiring experienced council stalwart Wendy Flynn to switch over.

Following the successful gains by the council of neighbouring county Teweksbury in 2023 - quardupling their seats - we at Cheltenham are more highly motivated than ever. We anticipate similar successes in upcoming elections in 2024, and hope to put our all into them. Not only will I be standing by as both a designer and an on-the-ground volunteer, I will also be running myself for Borough Council. I hope that my hard work in this will prove as fruitful as it has in other areas.

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