Make 100: Wonderpuppies

Designing a cute new mythical beast for the 21st century, with the help of Kickstarter.



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Paid Work


Nov. 2017

A picture of someone petting a crow, captioned 'what a weird dog'.ie

In 2017, while pondering ideas for a new illustration project, I came across a photo on social media of a crow receiving an affectionate tickle from a human hand, captioned "what a weird dog". I showed this to my partner Tabi and inspiration struck.

I set about designing a new mythical beast - named 'the Wonderpuppy' by Tabi - which would combine the feathery cleverness of corvid birds such as crows, jackdaws, magpies and ravens with the familiar cuddly body shape of the household dog.

As part of Kickstarter's "Make 100" challenge, I presented the idea to draw 100 individual drawings of these creatures, and publish them as a sketchbook - with 100 backers getting the option of a 'special edition' embossed with a silver sticker, as well as a personalised sketch.

This was a challenge I relished, and something that remains a source of pride for me, knowing that my whimsical idea brought happiness and amusement to even a few people across the world.

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