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I'm Edward N. B., but you can call me Ed. My pronouns are they/he.

I grew up in Gloucestershire, in the heart of green countryside, and went on to study Comparative Literature at the University of Kent. Whether I'm watching a spider spin their web or analysing the themes of a sci-fi epic, I've always been fascinated by intricate systems, how they work and how they can change.

When not working, I'm always looking for idiosyncratic new projects. I run a crow-themed illustration business with my partner; in 2020 I found a home for 1000 Oak saplings around the Cotswolds; and in the first months of 2021 I spent my lockdown building a model Dinosaur out of chicken bones.

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My Design Process

The initial Mind Map sketched out for this very website.

Early Influences

As a child, I gravitated towards comic books, illustrations, and toys which provided an outlet for my creativity.

The years I spent experimenting with and adapting my LEGO sets have gifted me with a unique understanding of design structure - and how to reinvent an experience in a way that both surprises and pleases the potential user.

Thanks to the diversity of my influences, my skills in design developed early and grew more complex as I became an adult.

Sketches for the 'Hero Image' of the homepage

Twin Talents

My strengths as a designer are enhanced by my long-time experience as an illustrator. Through years of study and practice, I've learned how to properly plan a project and execute it from initial abstract to polished result.

In my illustrations I take inspiration from natural wildlife (with a predilection for corvids!), and my work as a designer is likewise informed by my understanding of the individual user journey. I aim to enrich users with responsive, useful designs that are as implementable as they are adaptable.

As a person with disabilities, I have a unique perspective on making my work accessible and satisfying to use. Getting diagnosed with autism as an adult gave me new confidence in asking for my needs to be respected, and I'm glad to have the chance to share my expertise for the benefit of other people.


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