A sweet crow holding up a screenshot of a mocked-up website in their beak

Hullo, I'm Ed.

I'm a multidisciplinary designer, and
nature enthusiast, with a penchant for crows.
I love to tinker, rearrange and improve.
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Green Party Cheltenham

An ongoing project to simplify and improve the path to engagement with the Green Party.

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Anthropologie Prototype

A case study examining how this fashion retailer's website could be improved for e-commerce and accessibility.

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Untamed Literature

A conceptual project. What if the great works of literature were written by - and for - animals?

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Make 100: Wonderpuppies

Designing a cute new mythical beast for the 21st century, with the help of Kickstarter.

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"Ed worked to improve our Marketing for 4 language schools. They demonstrated good skills at social media marketing and research as well as UX/UI research."

- Sarah Sayers, University of Portsmouth
"I had the pleasure of teaching Ed UX/UI design. Ed would be a fantastic asset to any organisation."

- Chrystal King, Love Circular

UI Concepts

Untamed Lit. Landing Page
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Dropbox Branch
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